Well today I start back with healing and massages, last year was a learning curve for me. It’s hard trying to get something good going at my age, but last year I succeeded. You can text me 07772280741 or visit my website     spiritandserenity.co.uk

If you want a massage that’s different well, you know where to come. I have healing of your mind, body and soul intentions on my mind. My room is prepared for you, it is cleansed all the time, so please, if you need to cancel then let me know. X
The music I play in the room is spiritual but if you’d like to bring your own CD, I will be happy to play it.
Full Swedish Body Massage £20 unless you’re over 60…. then it’s only £15 ! Crystal Healing and energy balancing  is  £15 or if you need a report preparing it is £5 extra. Spiritual healing is free of charge ( but you can give a small donation ) and can be given before the massage, so please ask. Duration is usually 90 mins.
If any of my regular ladies have any ideas or suggestions that can help me improve in what I do, then I’ll listen to you. I am always open to new ideas. Jeanette x