Swedish Body Massage  is a very popular form of massage. Techniques vary from light to vigorous.
Apart from being a relaxing experience it is known to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness and osteoarthritis.

On your first session, before the massage starts we complete an intake form, discuss the contraindications and answer any queries you may have. The actual massage will last approximately one hour.

I use 5 basic techniques in my Swedish full body massage.

  • Effleurage. It is a term for long, sweeping strokes. It is to relax the muscles and can be performed with a light medium or firm weight of pressure.
  • Friction. This is used to make the area which is being treated warm up. Friction creates heat and makes the muscles relax.
  • Petrissage. This is a kneading and squeezing technique, (also known as wringing) applied to the muscles of the body. It is intended to give penetrating relaxation to deep tissue.
  • Tapotement. There are five types of tapotement aimed at energizing specific areas of the body to be worked on. Pounding. This is done with the sides of the fists, striking the client’s body lightly. Hacking. This is done with the outside edges of the hand, striking the client’s body in a ‘chopping’ motion. Cupping. This is performed with the hands formed into a cup, making a ‘popping’ noise. Plucking. This is a gentle pinching and lifting technique performed on all areas of flesh and muscle.
  • Traction. This is performed on arms and legs after they have been thoroughly massaged. This is aimed at stretching the muscles in the arms and legs and the pulling is done gradually.





If required it is also possible to combine healing with the massage. If you have any questions please contact me.

Introductory Offer

For a limited period I am offering a discounted price of  £10 for you first visit. On second visit, the price will be only £20 for a full body massage and £15 for neck, back and shoulders,and £10 for legs, feet, arms and hands

Spirit and Serenity

by Jeanette

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